What is Game B?

As this very moment, people are intentionally lighting the Amazon rainforest on fire. This ecological region of 2.12 million square miles — nicknamed the “lungs of our planet” — accounts for 25% of the carbon dioxide absorbed by the world’s forests and is one of our best defenses against runaway climate change. Yet we are burning it down with fires large enough to be seen from space at an ever-increasing rate:

Scoring Points

The highest-quality decisions are made by groups of people that can set aside their egos and collaboratively identify the best possible outcomes for the customer and business. They meet, share their unique perspectives, rigorously debate the options, and work together to determine the best solution. And once a decision is made, the group aligns and commits to the solution regardless of how the idea was generated. This approach — dubbed inquiry decision-making by Harvard Business School professors David A.

Less managers, more coaches

A growing body of scientific evidence concludes that by enacting a single mindset shift within an organization, employees will: demonstrate increased performance, be more engaged and energized at work, report higher levels of job satisfaction, achieve faster progress towards their goals, have a higher commitment to excellence, and be happier at work. That one mindset shift? Turning managers from supervisors to coaches. Yet in many businesses today, coaching is not the default behavior.

Thoughts on Future Trends in Leadership Development

In 2011, Nicholas Petrie was an international business consultant, operating his own consulting company and implementing customized leadership programs for senior leaders around the world. After years of working with organizations, Nicholas began to have some doubts regarding the effectiveness of the methods he and his colleagues were using to develop leaders in organizations: It seemed that the nature of the challenges that managers were facing was rapidly changing; however, the methods that we were using to develop them were staying the same.